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Honestly, I'm surprised at myself. I've actually been cleaning up my apartment over the past few days. Maybe cleaning isn't the right word. I'm just getting more efficient at stacking things so the floor in the middle of every room is clear, and it appears clean. I've actually been productive-ish, though. It's a rather nice feeling.

Aside from that, I've been busy helping out with the rat hoarding situation in my city. I mean, dealing with the aftermath, not in contributing to rat hoarding. The first batch of rats (at the shelter about the time I posted that) had about 170 rats. It sounded like they went fast, mostly as food (from what I understand). Over the next week, more rats were collected. On Friday, I went with another person to collect the remaining 32 rats- 31 of which were put into carriers (the last one got away from me, running into a hole in the wall). They were then flown the next day to Los Alamos, where the pilot will foster them until he can take them to various rat rescues or they're adopted.

As a result of my efforts, I made the news- two local papers, and one tv station (Sun-News, El Paso Times [same photo and caption], and KTSM, channel 9 [they don't have a clip of me on their site]). I also adopted a few of the rats. I should have pictures up and a "rat roll-call" later today (hopefully I won't get lazy).