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The rats taketh, the rats giveth

It was almost time for the girls to back in their cage. I was playing with Twix, holding out a piece of paper moving it around. She had another idea. She grabbed the eraser I had out, and ran off with it. It seemed cute until she decided to run into the hole beneath the kitchen cabinets, and into the far corner.

Once I managed to get all the girls in their cage, I had to get creative to get my eraser back. I let the boys run around in the meantime. After an hour or so of duct taping things together so I could try and fish the eraser out, I was ready to give up. I spend some time with the guys.

A bit later, Pilky runs through the hole, into the corner. He picks up the eraser, and drops it right by the hole. All the time I spent trying to fish it out... he runs in there, runs out with it in five seconds.