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Rat roll call

Time to meet the rats, all 8 of them. This page is mostly for descriptions. For pictures, check out [ http://aberwak.imgur.com/rats ]. Also, look at [ http://aberwak.imgur.com/rescued_rats ] for pictures of the rats I helped rescue from the animal shelter.

Background for my latest adoption:

After rescuing the last of the rats brought into the shelter from the hoarding incident, they were taken to a fellow rat enthusiast's house, where they stayed the night until a pilot would fly them to Los Alamos (and further be dispersed to rat rescues and individuals). I was able to spend quite a bit of time with the rats. Most of the rats were a bit scared, or tired, and stayed in the back of the cage- away from me. I had tried to pick up some of the boys, but the few I did all wanted to jump out of my hands instantly. There was one cage of girls, however, who seemed active. A few of them even came up to me and wanted to run around. I ended up taking home three of these girls.

  • Shasta - the first girl who seemed interested in me. She's the probably the sweetest, most affectionate rat I have right now. She's been very sleepy from what I've noticed (and a very sound sleeper, at that), which concerns me a bit. When she's awake, though, she has no problems walking out on my hand, or staying on my shoulder. She's even prone to being a rodentist (starting from the morning after I brought her home, no less).

  • Nestle - She loves exploring. She's incredibly quick and sneaky. She's also prone to starting fights. I haven't yet determined if she's playing, or if the fights just haven't resulted in injuries yet. Either way, if I hear two of the girls fighting, I can almost be positive Nestle's involved. When she's not fighting, she'll be running around or climbing on things. Anything. She'll find a way up things I didn't think the rats would ever climb up. She's not quite as affectionate as Shasta, but she'll come up to me while running around (sometimes she'll climb up my back if I'm sitting down).

  • Twix - The "little one." She is incredibly little, and very cute. She is also very shy. She's licked baby food off my hands, but won't voluntarily let me hold her. When I do hold her, she squirms quite a bit. She's getting better, though. I'm hoping as I can spend more individual time with her, she'll come to trust me.

    In addition to those three, I also had 2 other girls (since March 09):

  • Oreo - She's probably one of my most affectionate rats, who really loves to follow me around the apartment at times, and is constantly trying to get my attention to pick her up. She's also been the most fascinated with my mouth. She has tried to pry my lips open many times.

  • Choco - She's a fast thing. Compared to the first two boys I had (Wheezer and Whiskers), she could run. I didn't know how I'd ever keep up with her and her adventurous nature. She loves exploring and climbing. I think it was only recently that Nestle has surpassed Choco's climbing abilities.

    I have three boys, the first two were adopted in in mid-April, and the last was adopted in June 09.

  • Gilgamesh - named after the Civilization 4 leader Gilgamesh, whose traits are creative and protective. When I first took him out, he stayed on my lap instead of running around and exploring (like his brother, Pilky). He eventually did explore, but he slowly expanded away from me. He's a big explorer now that he's settled in.

  • Pilky (short for Pilkington) - brother to Gilgamesh. He's love adventure. While both he and his brother were super-energetic when they came home, Pilky would explore the area. He also seems to really enjoy pinning his brother down in fights.

  • Bruxey - The boy who has been with me the longest, and the biggest of my rats. He's very affectionate, but is one of my more "destructive" rats who likes to chew on anything, really. He doesn't stop what he's doing when I ask him to (like his brothers *generally* do), but he does enjoy getting on my lap to be petted (and do his rodentist thing) in between his chaos. Luckily, he's slowed down as he's aged.

    Finally, the two rats I've had who have passed away:

  • Wheezer - When I adopted Wheezer from the animal shelter, I knew he was sick. He was, as his name implies, wheezing. Rats are usually quiet (with only occasional squeaks). He had severe respiratory problems, and was only with me a bit over a month, almost two. He was sweet, and loved cuddling on my lap.

  • Whiskers (full name: QT McWhiskers)- I adopted him alongside Wheezer. I didn't get along with Whiskers as well, initially, but after his brother died, we grew closer. There were some issues (mostly, he was a grump if woken up... usually, this meant he'd bite me if I poked him while sleeping- the only time one of my rats would bite without being incredibly distraught [Choco at the vets, running away from the medicine]). By the end of his life, he had grown affectionate. His last few days were spent on my lap, watching Farscape.
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