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I'm Scott, thanks for joining me. This part of my life is extremely interesting. The visual effects, the writing, everything just came together, even the way the cast interacted. I can't emphasize enough how the director was just so magnificent here. Oh, in this scene, the lighting was a bit difficult. The sun was right in my face. It seemed like I'd turn and I'd go blind. Yeah, you can even see it there. If you missed it, go back and rewind. The angle of that shot payed off, though. The camera... amazing. That perspective isn't used a lot, but here it works. It's that kind of dedication and creativity that makes everything into what it is.

That was my attempt to parody DVD commentary. I've actually been listening to that lately. I've been one to avoid it- sitting through an entire episode/movie a second time after just watching it (and for me, I'd have to have watched it recently so everything's fresh in my mind so I know what's going on in the discussion). It's always seemed like a pain.

The Wonderfalls commentary was actually pretty entertaining. They all have Caroline Dhavernas (Jaye), Katie Finneran (Sharon), and the two creators, Todd Holland and Bryan Fuller. It's generally pretty informal and joking throughout everything. They do comment on some technical aspects, such as using the muses, what the set was like, where everything was shot (switching from Niagara Falls and Toronto), etc. It's all really fun, though.

Farscape commentary varies. Sometimes it'll be a director or producer; othertimes, actors; most of the time, it's some combination. It's probably a bit more technical. I still enjoy it, and there are definitely some funny moments. For the most part, it's most enjoyable (at least less formal/technical) to have a few actors comment together than having directors or producers. The latter does offer some good insight into how everything was made, but fewer jokes. One complaint is that I hear a lot of, "[x] was great in this." I wouldn't like to hear them complain about someone's awful performance, but constant praise gets tiresome after awhile. There were also a few commentaries that were a bit... not awkward, but stretched, forced. This is probably the cases where there's a lot of raise. It's a space-filler if there's nothing else to say. One, in particular, was where one actor was commenting on an episode alone. I still enjoyed it, but I definitely enjoy having a few people commenting, so there's an interaction taking place.

You learn all kinds of random things from commentary. In Farscape, I learned what they consider what one of the worst episodes is. They explain use/creating of the puppets and creatures, CGI, how expensive/silly the props can be, and of course, all the funny little things that happened while filming. In Wonderfalls, much of the same stuff, but also the plans for the second season if it was picked up again. Farscape commentary also talks about their cancellation and being brought back.